A Hazudós egér: Oldaltérkép

Presentation of the film

The Mouse with a Mouth (in French: Le Mulot menteur - in Hungarian: A Hazudós egér) a 20-minute cut-outs animation film by the Hungarian director Andrea Kiss based on the story of Ervin Lázár.

Credits and resumé of the film

The list of the artists and the technicians that have taken part in the film together with resumé of the film.

Events and screenings

This page is dedicated to the screenings of the film and the events which involved the film (programs, exhibitions, workshops…).

The Mouse with a Mouth: the blog

Discussions about some events, chronicles…

The exhibition around the film

The exhibition The Mouse with a Mouth: from the story-board to the film is about the making of the film. It presents in 26 boards and some other surprising items, the main stages in the making of the film (and beyond the example of The Mouse with a Mouth, the main stages in the making of an animated film in Stop motion), from the writing and pre-product works (sketches, animatics…) to the post-production (mixing, compositing, editing…) via the frame by frame shooting of the film.

The workshops around…: The Mouse with a Mouth

The workshop around The Mouse with a Mouth is part of the collection of workshops called “The workshops around…” and organized by the association Révélations hongroises.
These are discovery workshops which offer a pedagogical and ludic itinerary around a film, a director, a character or a topic.

Site Map

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Extracts and trailers of the film.


A page of articles about the film..


A page of links around the film..

Web site information

In this heading, there is credits and legal information about copyright (texts, photos, authors…), about browsing (accessibility, compatibility with some internet browsers and newsreaders).

The pro’s corner

Useful documentation for the professionals which work with or around the film (festivals, distributors, movie theaters…).

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