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The exhibition around the film will run from Tuesday 17th to Saturday 9th of November 2013 at Médiathèque Jean Falala (public media library facing the cathedral) in Reims (Champagne-Ardennes, France) - More information.

Exhibition: The Mouse with a Mouth, from the storyboard to the film pictures

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The Mouse with a Mouth: from the storyboard to the film’s pictures is an exhibition about the making of the film of the Hungarian director Andrea Kiss. It presents through 26 boards (A3 or A2 depending on the available space, print on 220g paper or on special support), the main stages that marked the making of the film - and through the example of The Mouse with a Mouth (Le Mulot menteur), the main stages of making a stop motion animation film - from preparatory work and research (sketches, animatics…) to post-production (compositing and editing…) including frame by frame shooting:

Preparatory work (pre-production): studies of characters and their behaviours - the Fox and the Ram

Naissance d’un Mulot voyageur
article of the DNA (Alsatian newspaper) about the exhibition (in French)
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