The discovery-workshop - In the woods with Mouse

The discovery-workshop - In the woods with the Mouse is part of the collection of workshops called “The workshops around…” and organized by the association Révélations hongroises.
These are discovery workshops which offer a pedagogical and ludic itinerary around a film, a director, a character or a topic.

Sky and lilies of the valley in the forrest sequence

The discovery-workshop - In the woods with the Mouse is totally dedicated to the place occupied by nature and forrest in the animation film of the Hugarian director Andrea Kiss, The Mouse with a Mouth (Le Mulot menteur). During the workshop time, we travel through the graphic and sound researches of Andrea Kiss and her assistant around nature and forrest. During weeks, meanwhile they were preparing the film, Andrea Kiss and Jean-Philippe Salvadori were walking in several forrests, night and day, collecting photos, sketches, sounds, feelings. And therefore lots of the backgrounds of the film are inspired by those night and day walkings (the river, the glade…). They are impregnated by the atmospheres, the lights, the colors and the magic inside nature and forrest. The workshop propose to share this patient and passionate work.

Even though the workshop is mainly intended for school children (between 7 and 14 years old), it is indeed open to every kind of audiences.
The most difficult and technical points are addressed taking into consideration the vocabulary and the knowledge of each participant and with a systematical use of visual and sound examples (diagram, screening of selected extracts from the film…)
Showing original items (background sets, props…) and documents (story-board, synoptic board…) used in making the film allows the participants to become “insiders” considering the making of the film and makes it easier - especially for children - to understand the most technical points.

Walking in the woods

It is possible and valuable to present the workshop together with the exhibition The Mouse with a Mouth, from the story-board to the film frames which presents the steps of making a cut-out animation film in 25 printed boards.
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