Andrea Kiss: biography


Born in Budapest in 1973, Andrea Kiss is an animated film director, illustrator and graphic artist.
Graduated from MIE (Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design in Budapest), she’s working with animated film since 1990. She has been working as an animator in different studios (Aardman, Studio Magica, Studio Ex-ist…) and on numerous independent projects.
She has been directing 10 short animated films. The most known are The Sink Song (Csap Dal) and The Fairy With the Seven Heads (Hétfejű Tündér), films which has been selected in many festivals and awarded several times.
Besides, she is involved in many creative activities (drawing, painting, book illustration, poster and web site designing) and her work has been exhibited in different countries.
She has conducted several workshops around graphic art and animation film (France, Germany, Hungary, Norway…).
She has recently finished a 20 minutes long cut-out film after the story of Ervin Lázár, The Mouse with a Mouth