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Presentation of the film

Cheonggyecheon" (in Korean: 청계천) a 3 minute 45 seconds animation film realized in digital painting by Andrea Kiss.

Credits and resumé of the film

The list of the artists and the technicians that have taken part in the film together with resumé of the film.

Events and screenings

This page is dedicated to the screenings of the film and the events which involved the film (programs, exhibitions, workshops…).

Site Map

Here you are! This page details the different headings which you can also find in the menu bar at the top of this page.


An extract of the film.


A page of links around the film..

Andrea Kiss

The web site of the film director.

Web site information

In this heading, there is credits and legal information about copyright (texts, photos, authors…), about browsing (accessibility, compatibility with some internet browsers and newsreaders).

Profesionals corner

Useful documentation for the professionals which work with or around the film (festivals, distributors, movie theaters…).

Contact the Cheonggyecheon team


Contact the Cheonggyecheon team

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