This website is dedicated to the film Cheonggyecheon (in Korean: 청계천) a 3 minute 45 sec. digital painting animation made by Andrea Kiss. The film is based on a text written by Jean-Philippe Salvadori The Little Rivers in my Mind.

The Cheonggyecheon is a stream sourrounded by the high buildings of Seoul downtown.
In the 60’s, the river disapeared; it was covered with concrete, and then by a motorway in 1968. In 2004-2005, it was brought back to life as a consequence of gigantic urban project. The stream is like an oasis in a very dense and vertically urbanized environment. It also is a symbol of a way back to 'the source' and, for sure, a bridge, a living hyphen between people…and a river!
Cheonggyecheon is an autobiographical film-poem about our encounter with Seoul (we were attending the 14th SICAF - Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival), our long walking at night "following a baby that couldn't sleep because of jetlag and a magic discovery of the Cheonggyecheon and the Korean people.
You will find on this web site practical information about the film (credits list, résumé, links, screenings…).

Enjoy your visit!