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This website is dedicated to the film Cheonggyecheon (in Korean: 청계천) a 3 minute 45 sec. digital painting animation made by Andrea Kiss. The film is based on a text written by Jean-Philippe Salvadori The Little Rivers in my Mind.

The Cheonggyecheon is a stream sourrounded by the high buildings of Seoul downtown.
In the 60’s, the river disapeared; it was covered with concrete, and then by a motorway in 1968. In 2004-2005, it was brought back to life as a consequence of gigantic urban project. The stream is like an oasis in a very dense and vertically urbanized environment. It also is a symbol of a way back to 'the source' and, for sure, a bridge, a living hyphen between people…and a river!
Cheonggyecheon is an autobiographical film-poem about our encounter with Seoul (we were attending the 14th SICAF - Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival), our long walking at night "following a baby that couldn't sleep because of jetlag and a magic discovery of the Cheonggyecheon and the Korean people.
You will find on this web site practical information about the film (credits list and résumé), links, an extract of the film and in the near future, information about the activities around the film (exhibition, workshops, screenings…) and an online shop.

The website will be in 3 languages (French, English and Korean) even though at the moment only the French and English version are available.

Enjoy your visit!



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